Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for the X-Factor

The X-Factor I'm referring to isn't the newest UK talent show.
I'm referring to the case of the X boyfriend.

Remember back when I posted here and here about the breakup that was devastating me?
That seems like an entirely different world than the one I'm now living in.
Matter of fact, it seems like an entirely different me.
It doesn't hurt anymore to think about him, but I don't find myself thinking about him all that often.
I'm officially over him and what I thought we had.
I'm not seeing anyone, and I'm not quite sure I really want to.

The company of a male someone would nice, but that's not the main focus of my life right now.
I'm pretty content, although I will admit that sometimes I do get lonely.
In due time my prince will come.
I'm most certain of it.

I will say that I don't think I ever fully healed from the relationships that damaged me the most.
You know, the relationships that started out bad and ended even worse.
The ones that strip you from your self worth, and make you doubt who you really are.
Yeah, I've had two of those.

So now that leaves me with two choices:
1.) get over it and leave the past behind me
2.) dwell on it and ruin future relationships

I think I'll go with option 1.
So for this week's Thankful Thursday,
I'm thankful for getting over the breakup
and for being a strong woman who knows what she wants.



  1. I am so proud of you! You are freaking awesome girl!!!

  2. You know, we don't know how much stronger we become once we are past the trial. I choose option 1, too! :)


  3. Option 1 for sure! Getting over someone and moving on is HARD but once you do it, you're so much stronger/better/wiser. <3


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