Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Heart…

I wanted to post yesterday so that I could wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, but I was really under the weather. Needless to say, there wasn't a whole lot going on at my house in the way of love. Well…I can't really say that, Nehemiah and I were extra loveable {he's such a little heart throb}.
I didn't know how I was going to react to the big V-Day. I wasn't sure if the day was going to bring up feelings of loneliness, or feelings of anger that I was yet again spending this day alone. Surprisingly, I didn't experience any of those feelings. I actually felt blessed. Very blessed that my life is extremely filled with love. I have a few friendships that have come and gone, and although it hurt to say goodbye, I've accepted it. Those failed friendships have allowed me to really appreciate those who are actively in my life. So, to my family and friends who are there for me during the good and the bad, I Love You!

Sticking with the theme of love, I decided to share some of the things I heart. Here goes…

I absolutely heart this stuff! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, and it's soothing. Plus, it smells wonderful.


I embarked on a very long journey to find a foundation and powder that didn't look caked on my face, and I've finally found it. I have the foundation, concealer, powder, and blush and it makes my face look natural. I actually stumbled upon these lovelies in a magazine {I think it was Cosmo}. There was an advertisement that had every shade of the FIT foundation, so I was able to try on the different shades to find my perfect FIT {my FIT number is 315}. I heart this stuff so much that I had to buy it for my mom! It was an early V-Day gift, and now she loves it too.

The pants and tees are the most comfortable pj's I have ever worn. They come in all different patterns and colors, and they're really cheap!

4.) Glade's Lavender & Vanilla scent
I have Glade Plug-In's all throughout my house, and I'm neurotic when it comes to making sure the same scent is carried through in each room. I have Glade Sense & Spray's in my bathroom and backroom, and the fragrances don't over power the small spaces.

5.) Bear Naked Fruit and Nut Granola
This is by far the greatest stuff I have ever tasted! Eating a good tasting, good for you breakfast has been a struggle for me, but not anymore. I add the fruit and nut granola to my Activia, and poof, I've created a terrific breakfast.

I recently purchased some new tunes that I want to share, but unfortunately I have to go work on homework, so I'll have to save that for next time.

Stay Sweet!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Wonderful Time

Sorry I was vacant last week, but I was busy studying for midterms. I took the midterms on Saturday, so I'm praying I did well. Last week was also a little difficult because I didn't sleep well. I was restless, and I just couldn't get my body out of work mode. I slept very well the last few nights, and I hope good sleep continues. Perhaps being tired all the time, without the ability to get rested, is the most frustrating part of Fibromyalgia!
Prior to the breakup I was sleeping extremely well. And even though I'm still hurting, I really think I have finally entered into the healing process. I miss him a lot {which is to be expected}, but I'm starting to remember that single life is okay. I'll survive without the relationship. I may not like being single, but I'll survive. I still find myself wishing he'd call so I could hear his voice, but I don't cry anymore while wishing. I have some friends who suggest that I pick up and start dating again. I don't know if I'm ready for all that yet, but I have to remember that dating doesn't necessarily equal relationship…
I celebrated my 29th birthday on Sunday, and it was wonderful. I'm so blessed to have many people in my life who love and appreciate me. It was nice being with my family.
I'm sorry this is such a short post, but I'm bombarded with school work, and I'm really struggling to stay awake. Pray for my strength because I'm ready to say good night and it's only 3:36pm!
Stay Sweet!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heartbroken, but Happy…I Think

I can't seem to escape him. When I open my eyes in the morning, and when I close them at night, he's on my mind. I can't escape him while dreaming, because he's there too. How am I going to heal when I can't move past what used to be? I miss him, his voice and his laugh. The phone calls in the middle of the night because of the 6 hour time difference.

He was supposed to be here with me this week for my birthday, but I'll be celebrating without him.

I've had break ups before, but they never hurt like this. I love this man with my soul, and I want to be with him-I still want to be his wife. If he showed up at my door and asked for us to be together again, I'd say yes. I don't want anyone else, I want him! I keep praying that God will show me what's supposed to be, but I'm not open to hear what He may be saying. I'm scared that God will say I have to live my life without the man I love, and that terrifies me. My bestie reminded me that I once lived life before the relationship, so I can live it again. So true, but so hard to breath in. The concept seems toxic.

Onto some better news. I would like to introduce the latest addition to my family.
Here she is….

Her name is Poppy. My good friend Gwen loves handbags, and she always names her bags. So, I decided to follow in her footsteps, hence the name Poppy! Poppy makes me happy and I sit and pet her often. I know, I need help J

On Friday's shopping trip to the mall, I got some other {needed} stuff too. Then we went to Target {my happy place}, and I got some makeup.  I'm not sure how I feel about the Cover Girl Nature Luxe Gloss Balm.  I bought it in a brown/plum color, but it doesn't really moisturize my lips like I was hoping.  This freezing cold Western, NY weather keeps my lips so chapped and dry, that I was hoping the gloss would help.  I've only worn it a few times, so I'll have to try it out some more before I can really state my opinion.

I also got this nail polish.  It's Opi, and the color is Glitz and Glisten.

I didn't know it at the time, but the name brand nail polish in stores is not the same as the ones you can purchase at a nail salon.  My friend/hair stylist informed me that the polish in the store is actually a watered down version.  I figured it was no big, but I painted my nails last night and it literally took 5 coats before you could even see the purple!  My nails still don't look like the picture.  Oh well, lesson learned.

We were lucky on Friday because the snow held off until we got back home{we went to Buffalo to shop}. However, we're supposed to get a ton of snow tonight, and Nehemiah is hoping for a snow day! Oh, Miah got a pair of overalls and he looks so stinking cute!!! I love this kid!

Stay warm, and stay safe if you're in an area that is expecting snow.  And always stay sweet!



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