Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Sunshine

Hello sunshine it's been too long
since I felt your beautiful warmth upon my face
And how much have I missed
'Cause I've been focused on everything wrong
This road just felt so long
I forgot to lift my head to see you

Oh my lovely shining for me
Let my eyes see all the beauty

Hello sunshine since the moment
That I felt your beautiful warmth
I knew that I'd do anything
To keep this feeling of you
My heart comes alive
Oh who could add a day to this life
By drowning every dark sky

Oh my lovely shining for me
Let my eyes see all the beauty

Fill my dark skies
Make me see the light
Life is fine so bring in the sunshine

Whoa-oh let in the sunshine
Whoa-oh let in the sunshine
Whoa-oh let in the sunshine
Let in the sunshine

{Song by BarlowGirl}

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Windshield Wipers & God

Good early evening dear friends. I only have a few minutes to chat, but I wanted to share something with you. But before I get to that here are the usuals. My body is feeling great today {and it's cold and rainy}, but that nasty fatigue has plagued me all freaking day. I have a follow up with my doc tomorrow, so I'm preparing myself for the details coming from that visit. At most my meds are going to be increased.

So remember the little darling love of my life otherwise known as Nehemiah. Yeah well he did great sleeping in his room last night…or so I thought. I woke up this morning and who was laying next to me, that's right, Nehemiah. When he woke up this is how our conversation went,

Me: Nehemiah, did you wake me up before you got in my bed?

Nehemiah: Nope because you would tell me to go back in my own bed.

Me: Why did you come in my bed Nehemiah?

Nehemiah: Um… {long pause} I had a nightmare that I didn't have a family because they were all in Heaven.

That kid sure knows how to bank on my heart strings! So of course I scoop him up and ensure him that all of the family is fine and I tell him that I love him and how great he is and then I realize something. Nehemiah pondered a moment before answering why he came into my bed, and then he started his sentence with "um." So now the mommy radar goes off; my kid just played me. There was no nightmare {he would have woken me up}, the little booger just didn't want to stay in his bed! So I look into Nehemiah's eyes and ask him again why he got in my bed and this time I get…I don't want to talk about it, and he jumps off my lap and goes on his merry little way. Grrrrr. Gasp. Foot stomp. When did the kid get smarter than the parent? What am I going to do with this little pistol!


Ok so now onto what I want to share. I had a discovery yesterday while driving to work. As you know I hate rain. The dampness, the dark skies, and the spots it leaves on your glasses, the coldness; yes, I hate every aspect of rain. Well while I was driving something hit me {not physically}, and I suddenly welcomed the rain. I watched as each drop fell on my windshield only to be wiped away. More rain would fall, and sooner or later the wiper blades would come on and do its job.

The rain reminded me of all the tears I have cried over the past few months. Tons of tears for various reasons. The wiper blades reminded me of God. See, the rain would stay on the windshield if the wipers were not turned on. My tears would continue to pile on my heart if I didn't ask God to wipe them away. Just like the wiper blades cannot do their job if you don't turn them on, God can't come in and intervene in your life unless you invite Him. Once the wiper blades were turned on, more rain could fall on the windshield but they couldn't stay there. They will keep getting wiped away. So, the tears that come from hurt and pain can continue to come, but they can't stay. God will eventually wipe them away. So, I said all that to say that I must constantly remind myself that no matter how many tears I will cry, I can always depend on God to wipe them away. Make sense?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That Was Then, This Is Now

There is something that I have to share with all of you.  For the past few weeks I have been having a difficult time managing this Fibromyalgia.  In the posts that said I was doing well with it, I was lying hoping that it would make me truly feel better.  The truth is I am sick.  I'm having pain more frequently, and I'm not fatigued but exhausted.  I am trusting that God will have the upper hand in the matter, so please keep me in your prayers.  I feel so much better now that that's off my chest.  Whew.

Nehemiah is just as wonderful and lovely as he normally is.  He figured out how to climb over the gate to get out of his bedroom {sorry if I already shared this}but I am determined not to give up on him sleeping in his own room.  Tonight is the second night of me enforcing him sleeping in his room, so we'll see how it goes.  I didn't get a good night's sleep last night because Nehemiah kept coming in my room so then I had to get up and take him back to bed.  He didn't have a nap today, so I'm praying that he stays asleep.

This is mom and me on Easter

and this is me this morning wearing the same outfit
{excuse the wrinkles on my shirt, this shirt doesn't like to iron}.

  So what's the difference between the two pics you ask?  My tummy that's what.  Not a huge difference, but it's a change.  I got on the scale today and guess what...I'm dropping pounds {big smile on my face right now}.  This is fantastic seeing that I didn't get to the gym last week because I wasn't feeling well. 

That's all I have for tonight. 
Thanks for allowing me to share my accomplishments, no matter how big or small.
Good night!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day











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