Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding and Renovations

Hi everyone!
It's been far too long since I last posted, but so much has been happening.
First, the wedding was amazing! 
We had such a great time and I'm very happy for my nephew and his new wife.  I love them both so much!

So what have I been up to since the wedding?
Renovating my toy/dining room.
This means taking down wallpaper.
And I hate it.
My friend/landlord was in town last week and she and I began the project, but unfortunately she had to leave so I have to finish the project.
The wallpaper is almost completely off the wall and the room will look so good once it's painted.

And I've saved the best news for last.
My health has remarkably improved.
I'm feeling like a human being again.
I no longer have to nap during the day.
No more fatigue and as you know this was my biggest complaint about Fibromyalgia. 
I can't believe the improvement I've made over the past year. 

Here are some pics from the wedding.
I hope you enjoy!
The church
The Pastor (our uncle), My nephew, and the grooms men 
The bride

The married couple
See the two young girls...I did their hair!
Go me right?!

I love this pic of the bride and groom
 The flower girl and Nehemiah

 Miah and Me

 Miah, Me, and my niece

 Mr and Mrs Peter Ayala

 My nephew and his girlfriend

Aren't these pics great?!
I love how the entire family came dressed in red, black, and white.

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Return of the Internet

Yes, that's right...
i'm back up and running!

so why haven't i been posting...
my oldest nephew is getting married on saturday
and i've had the priviledge of helping out with the wedding planning.
needless to say, i've been super duper busy.
then i was busy with getting my home ready for my very first 4th of july bash.  all my family came over and it was so much fun, and i was suprised that my home didn't get that trashed lol!

now i'm trudging through the pile of homework i must complete before friday.  not to mention i have a mani/pedi to squeeze in {trust me, i'm not complaining}.

the greatest part of the wedding...
the photographer is doing a family portrait of all of us
and this is the first one ever!  the groom is the oldest of 10, yes my sister has 10 children, so it's been near impossible to get a family photo.
and the other greatest part....
the immediate family gets to coordinate with the wedding party.
i have become extremely close with my nephew's fiance and i cried when i read the thank you card she sent me!  i was also moved when she asked to me to be at the rehersal dinner. 

so be prepared for lots of pictures and stories.
i have so much to share with you.
i need to open up and talk about what's been going on in my life.

i've missed you all so much and thanks for hanging in there with me!

see ya on monday!!



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