Monday, June 20, 2011

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

hi everyone!
 i wanted to let you all know that i am still without internet until either wednesday or thursday {hopefully},
so i will not be posting again this week.
 be prepared to pick up where we left off on 6/27
hope all is well, and thanks for understanding!


Friday, June 10, 2011

And It's Friday

So I've made a decision...
I'm doing away with a blog schedule.  It takes the spontaneity out of my blogging, and posting is becoming mundane.  
It's just not for me.
I will still link up whenever possible for Target Tuesday, What I'm Loving Wednesday, and Boob Tube Babble Friday. 
I'm also considering having a link up of my own with my good friend Tiffani.

Now, onto Friday's business.  I'm so proud of the changes I've made so far in my diet.  I haven't stepped on a scale yet, and I'm still not as active as I'd like to be, but I am more conscious of what I put into my mouth.  My Fitness Pal has also been a huge help to me.  Tracking my food makes me accountable, and I want to avoid tracking when I haven't made good choices.  I like seeing my progress.

I've also majorly increased my water intake.  I drank about 3.5 16 oz water bottles yesterday!  
I feel better when I drink lots of water. 
I'm still struggling with eating too much at night.  If I don't have breakfast {which I sometimes skip because I go back to bed after putting Nehemiah on the bus, but he's done with school so I guess I won't have this option anymore} I eat more at night.  I'm just not always hungry in the morning either, but now that Miah will be eating breakfast at home, I will have to eat with him.

I'm also struggling with ice cream.  Why does it have to taste so freaking good?!  I have tried the skinny cow ice cream and it's tasty too, just not as tasty as those good humor drumsticks. 
Damn those good humor people. 
Thank God there aren't any more drumsticks in my freezer, and I won't be buying anymore.  Nehemiah has ice cream too, but I don't like his kind so no worries there.

This week I've learned that the more you workout, the more you get to eat.  You'd think this would be an incentive for me seeing that I like to eat.  I have been doing pretty good with sticking close to the 1500 calories.  I've only been going over a tad bit, and I'm very proud of my progress in this area because I thought I'd be miserable and starving by now.  I learned real quick that eating junk uses up too many calories, which in the end leaves me more hungry. 
Who knew right?! 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and we'll meet again on Monday!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Hi everyone! 
Today's post is going to be a little different mainly because I didn't have time to find any vintage pics.
But it's okay, sometimes it's good to step outside the circle. 

As I  mentioned yesterday, today is Nehemiah's last day of Head Start.  I can't believe we survived his first year of school.  I remember how scared and nervous I was for him to ride on the bus. 
Now, let me remind you that I used to work for the agengy that our Head Start belongs to, so I know how safe and wonderful the program is. 
However, none of that matters when your sending your own kid to school.
Sending Miah to school was the greatest decision I could have made. 
He's learned so much and I'm very, very proud of him.
Happy last day of school Nehemiah.  Mommy loves you!!!

I would like to switch things up a little bit for my blog posts, and I need your help.
What types of things would you like to read about?

Do you want to know more about my life?
{i.e. motherhood, dating, personal issues}

Do you want to see more posts like the ones from the A-Z challenge?

How about style and fashion?

Would you like to know about my weight loss journey and what changes I'm making in an effort to live a healthy life? 

Please, pretty please comment and feel free to add your own ideas!

This week I'm thankful for all your help. 
If I don't keep you interested you won't read, and let's face it what's the point of having a blog if you don't have any followers?!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I hope you're all having a terrific week.   

Here's what I'm Loving today.

I'm Loving...that I'm being featured here today for What's in Her Handbag Wednesday!

I'm Loving...that I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought tons of healthy food.

I'm Loving...fresh blueberries, grapes, and apples.  Yum!

I'm Loving...that tomorrow is Nehemiah's last day of school.  My mom and I will be going to his school for a last day picnic.  Miah's thrilled to be home for the summer.

I'm Loving...that the doctor changed my dosage on the new medication and now I'm back to normal.

I'm Loving...that I did ab work this morning (I'll admit that I really didn't want to).

I'm Loving...that my niece and I will start running Saturday morning.  She's already a runner, so she's going to teach me.

I'm Loving...Tiffani for encouraging me on this weight loss journey.  It means so much to me girl!

I'm Loving...that today is 90°

What are you loving today??
Don't forget to check out Jamie's blog to see who else linked up.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Marvellous Monday

Good morning everyone. 
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, which in return has left you more than ready to tackle this week.
I had a not-so-good weekend.

The new medication I'm taking is making me very ill, and as we speak I'm waiting for the doctor's office to open so I can find out what to do.  
How can you enjoy the weekend when your sick to your stomach? 
I was robbed of my weekend and frankly I don't appreciate it.

Friday morning (before I started getting sick) the bestie and I had breakfast with Tammy (my pastor's wife).  We all had a wonderful time and she was able to help steer me back in the right direction.  There's just something about a fresh perspective that I appreciate. 

As far as working out...didn't happen.  I was too sick.  Hopefully my strength will come back and I'll feel like my usual self very soon.  Not to mention that my home can't take much more neglect.

On another note, Nehemiah went fishing for the first time yesterday.  He did great, but the fish weren't biting.  The water was too high from all the rain we had over the past few weeks.

This concludes my very random Monday post.  
Now it's back to bed I go.  I hate feeling yucky!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Thursday ya'll.
I know I usually bring you my list of thanks via vintage style,
but today I have somethings I need to share with all of you.
Remember yesterday I mentioned I had a doctor's appointment regarding my thyroid?
I'm on a new medication and hopefully this will help balance out the Fibromyalgia and the fatigue {which is on overload this morning}.

And then my doctor gave me the kicker.

My weight.

I am now on a very restricted diet, and I can only have 1500 calories a day.
This is going to be a challenge, and that's where you all come in.
I know many of you eat healthy and have ideas for great tasting food, so I need you to share these secrets with me.

I've been having a terrible time with my weight fluctuations, and I'm now heavier than I was when I delivered Nehemiah.  This is sad and upseting. 
However, there's something I can do.
This is where you all come in again.

I need an accountability partner.  I need someone to check in on my daily progress.  You know, to say
"Thomasina, did you work out for an hour today?" 
{yes, I have to workout at least an hour five days a week}
I don't have the extra money to join a gym at the moment, so I have to sweat in my home for the time being.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about loving yourself the way you are.  And honestly, I'm having a very difficult time loving all of me right now.  I hate the extra weight, and it's the reason I'm not putting myself out there in the dating world.  I'm not comfortable with me so how I can expect someone else to be.

How much weight do I have to lose you ask. 
60 pounds!
A lot of weight isn't it?  It's scary and I'm afraid of embarking on this journey alone. 
So please help me!

Who's willing to be my accountability partner?? 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I can't believe it's Wednesday already! 
My week has been totally thrown off seeing that I kept insisting that Monday was Sunday.
Now my days are all messed up.
Anywho, today is What I'm Loving Wednesday and I'm linking up with Jamie.

This week...

I'm Loving Polyvore
you get to make really awesome sets like this
Memorial Day Fun

28 GBP -

$708 -

$36 -

$20 -

45 GBP -

$228 -

$45 -

$9.99 -

25 GBP -

$56 -

$16 -

10 GBP -

$850 -

$17 -

$65 -

$295 -

$16 -

I'm Loving that the rain has finally tapered off, and the temperature has been warm and sunny.
Yesterday it reached 90° and boy was it hot and humid!
I'm Loving that I have come to the conclusion that I need a Nook.  I love the feel of an actual book and I'll def miss that, so I'm hoping that I'm making a wise choise.
I'm Loving that my old camera bit the dust.  Now I have the chance to buy a new one.
I'm Loving that my doctor figured out that my weight fluctuations and some of my other health issues  are due to my thyroid!  I had to have a ton of blood work done, and I have a follow up appointment this morning.  We're going to determine if I need medication to get this thing in order.  
I'm Loving how much fun I had with my family on Memorial Day!  I was prepared to snap some beautiful pictures all throughout the day, but soon made the discovery about my camera.
I'm Loving my pastor's wife Tammy.  She and I had the chance to pray together on Sunday and she could totally relate to some of the things I'm going through.  It's always nice to have someone in your life who can say, "I've walked in those same shoes before." 
If God has worked out the same situation for someone else, He can do it for me! 
And this gives me hope.  I need hope in order to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
What are YOU Loving today??


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