Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Magazines

i LOVE reading and magazines are my absolute favorite.

every month i look forward to checking the mail to see which issues have arrived

 occassionally i'll read vogue and o magazine.

i enjoy flipping through the pages seeing the hottest trends of the season.

i even enjoy the articles {most of the time}.

i enjoy the makeup.

i enjoy the bags.

once i finish a magazine i pass it on to my mom


i will cut out my favorite things and glue them into this

received this beauty as a bday gift a few years ago

in it is a collage of all the little trinkets i have found in magazines.

this includes clothes, shoes, cartoons, food, and quotes.

whatever strikes me as interesting goes into the book.

what magazines do you read?

have a happy weekend!



  1. Wow! Making a collage of the trinkets you find is different. Sounds like fun, tho! I love reading magazines, too. Although, novels are my favorite things to read. I'm such a book nerd! :D

  2. I read National Geographic magazine every month - love it!!!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  3. I love the idea of cutting out your favorite things in the magazine and posting them in a cute book! I need to try that!


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