Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Twenty-Nine Things about Thomasina

Nehemiah got to have a posted dedicated to him for the letter N,
so naturally I had to do the same for me for the letter T.
I picked twenty-nine things to share because obviously that's my age.

Some things on my list may be repeats from a long time ago, but oh well!

29.) I'm scared to death of frogs and I have no clue why 

28.) I don't have a middle name

27.) I'm named after my father whose name is Thomas (which is also Nehemiah's middle name)

26.) I'm the youngest of 3 children

25.) I have 15 neices and nephews and a slew of great neices and nephews

24.) I've lived in my town for my whole life

23.) My favorite colors are pink, green, and brown

22.) Yellow is my favorite spring/summer color

21.) I love wearing dresses and skirts

20.) I'm just learning how to walk in heels

19.) I don't have any tattoos

18.) I have one piercing-my nose

17.) I cannot see a thing without my glasses

16.) I adore coffee

15.) My mom is my #1 best friend

14.) My other besties and I have been friends since 1st grade

13.) I've seen 2 babies be born (one neice and one great nephew)

12.) I don't own my house (not sure if I'm ready for the responsibility)

11.) I want to one day own a bookstore

10.) Kit Kats and Skittles make my world more tolerable

9.) I bite my finger nails (I know gross)

8.) I played the wicked step daughter in my kindergarten production of Cinderella (good times)

7.) I don't know if I ever want to have more children

6.) I'm a bit obesessive-compulsive

5.) I can't cook pancakes to save my life

4.) I hardly ever use the same handbag twice

3.) I love learning new things

2.) Zebras are my favorite animals followed by giraffes

1.) I've only flown once, and that was to Hawaii and back (12 hours)

Happy Easter to Everyone!!!



  1. what a fun post girly! loved reading about your~ i don't have a middle name either--and how fun to wown a bookstore!

  2. i'm seriously afraid of frogs too! gross!

  3. Great post! Enjoyed getting to know you. I did a similar post for "R" since my name is Raenice (Rae). I'm not scared of frogs, but I have a strong dislike of them. I don't have a nose piercing, but I want one. Not sure I wanna deal with the pain, tho. And I would LOVE to own a bookstore. How cool would that be?

  4. What a great post. I enjoyed getting to know more about ya!!


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