Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kitchen

Whenever I'm in Home Depot or Lowes
my favorite section to visit is the the
kitchen section.

I'm intrigued by all the different options, colors, and textures.
Kitchens are the heart of a home,
or maybe I just love me a kitchen
because I love to eat!
Either way it goes, kitchens rock.

So let's pretend we're all getting a kitchen makeover shall we.
Which kitchen would you choose?

so chic


love the bar stools
love the openness of the space
very sexy,
 although i'm not sure that sexy and kitchen
 should be used in the same sentence

i'm all about going green,
but i'm not sure how i feel about this kitchen

so pretty 
this is absolutely my favorite
i could def incorporate some zebra print into this scheme!
lovin' this purple but it's a bit dark
very retro
i just hope the cabinetry is actual wood not metal!
i love the yellow against the gray
nice chairs, but i don't like the black cabinets
think i'll use these chairs in my pink kitchen

thanks to everyone for their prayers and good thoughts
yesterday, i experienced several seizures throughout the day
and this set me back big time
i'm still quite dizzy and i'm still shaking a little
please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming


  1. Fun post! I love looking at the kitchens in Lowe's & Home Depot, too. These examples are all gorgeous, but I have to agree with you, #7 is my favorite. It's bright and sunny with great counter space and appliances. Plus, it's not too big. It is a well laid out COOK'S kitchen (I love to cook) rather than a show kitchen.

  2. I like numbers 1 and 8 the most, but I think one is still better because the purple in 8 is a bit much LOL

  3. I love numbers 2, 3, 9 and 11. Very cool kitchens!

    Hope today is a better day for you!

  4. I like number 5 the best. I love the purple one too - number 8 - but you are right it is a bit dark... and a little bit Addams Family!

  5. Ummm yes I think I am in love with all of the above.

    In my next life I better come back as a fabulous blogger billionaire. hehe

  6. I like #2 the best. I am glad that you are feeling some better.

  7. I like #2 and #7. I'm old and not into the industrial look. Honestly, I'd take anyone of them as a re-do of this junk I have here!

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  8. I too love going to the home improvement stores and looking at kitchen and other things. We have a fairly nice sized kitchen in our current house--not as big as the ones that you've pictured, but bigger than most I've seen. We rarely cook so I guess it doesn't matter all that much, but it really comes in handy when I cook our annual Thanksgiving meal which is usually attended by about 25 or so family members.

    By the way, we have a Lowe's across the street from where we live and I can walk to it. How cool is that?

    Tossing It Out


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