Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lauren

As in Lauren Conrad.
I've been reading the L.A. Candy Series,
and I'm completely hooked.
I've learned of this darling series from one of my fellow bloggers,
but I don't remember which one-sorry.
So thank you to whomever it was that had these books
listed on their blog.



I'm on book three and I'm sad it's almost over.
update: i finished the book last night
If you have not read any of the books, and you like young adult girly books,
this series is for you my friend.
I never watched Laguna Beach or The Hills,
but I now consider myself a L.C. fan.

So considering that today is Thankful Thursday
I'm thankful for good books
and cute clothes! 

Here are some of my favorite items from L.C.'s collection @ Kohl's,

LC Lauren Conrad Asymmetrical Rosette Charmeuse Dress

LC Lauren Conrad Brushstroke Chiffon Dress

LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Top

LC Lauren Conrad Gold-Tone Simulated Pearl Cluster Drop Earrings

LC Lauren Conrad Textured Open-Front Cardigan

LC Lauren Conrad Vermont Peep-Toe High Heels

LC Lauren Conrad Rosette Chiffon Top

LC Lauren Conrad Silver-Tone Leaf Drop Earrings

LC Lauren Conrad Soutache Embellished Top

 I'm thinking the first dress would make a cute little number for me to wear on Easter.

What books have you read lately, 
and what could you see yourself wearing?
What are you thankful for?


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  1. I have those books and I NEED to read them!

  2. I haven't read those books nor do I have them but it's because I wasn't sure what to think about them. Having now realized that someone does love them for their story and not just because of who they are I'll consider reading them!

    She has clothes at Kohl's?! They're gorgeous and I'm in need of a new wardrobe so it looks like I know where I'm going this weekend!

  3. I love the earrings, they are so cute. I haven;t read the books, but I may look into them. They sound like they are up my alley.

  4. I love all of her clothes and shoes!!

  5. I haven't read any of her books, but that dress is very nice.

  6. I loved all of LC's books too! They were such fun chic lit! I also love her clothing line too!

  7. I hadn't heard of this particular series. I'll have to check it out. That first dress is pretty cute!

    Stopping by on the A-Z Challenge


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