Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello everyone! Many years have passed since my last post, but I'll be posting regularly in the new year.  So much has changed over the past 3 years, that it would take way to long to write about it all.  I've had many positive changes, and my share of negative ones as well.  But one thing always remains the same and that's my willingness to depend on God for help and unexplainable strength.

As the last day of year is finally here, I'm looking forward to certain things exiting my life.  Here are my hello's and goodbye's.

1.) Negativity in any way, shape, or form.  This includes saying goodbye to those individuals who bring forth drama and selfishness.  These things are toxins, which quickly become absorbed.  Hello to positivity, happiness,  and seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.

2.) Moving out of my tiny apartment.  Goodbye small space, hello new apartment.

3.) Making excuses (I'm too tired, my body is aching, the fibromyalgia is kicking my butt).  Hello accountability.

4.) Goodbye laziness, hello yoga!

What are you saying hello and goodbye to?


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1940's vintage

For some reason this never posted as scheduled!

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii (Oahu) to see my best friend and her family. One humbling experience I had while there was a trip to Pearl Harbor (the USS Arizona). I don't want to write a play-by-play of the tour, but it's one of those life changing experiences that is never forgotten.

The 1940's was a different time. I'm sure most women didn't have time to think about what to wear, they had to attend to the needs of their family and their community! The men were away at war, and the women began to take over.

Those women used the clothing they already had available to them, and they managed to remain beautiful. I do believe that all women of that era had inevitable style and class.

That's what makes 1940's vintage so appealing!

1940's vintage

(not sure if this clock fits into the set, but i couldn't remove it)
collage made here
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Diary #1: Will He Ever Love Me Again?

Dear Diary,

I've messed up.  I've hurt him deeply.  I created this evil image of him to cope with my own pain.  I didn't care how my actions would affect him.  I've used unimaginable tactics as methods of control.

I never expected a friendship to form out of the ruins.

I never expected the phoenix's ashes to regenerate into magnificence.

And I've allowed myself to fall in love again. 

I didn't mean for it to happen, but it has.  It's intense and fierce.

Too bad the contents of my heart are invisible to him.  He's still bearing the scars of our past.

I pray for the day he turns to me and says, "Yes, I love you too," but so far I'm sending out empty prayers.

I wonder if he will ever love me again?  Is it worth the wait to find out, or should I just accept the facts and get over him?


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning News

Although Monday is almost over and done with (hello Tuesday), I wanted to do my first Monday Morning News with you.  As you can see, the blog has a different look...again.

My pages were updated too.  This is my favorite!

I love the color pink, and zebras are my favorite
(hence the blog name).

I love anything Paris
(as in France, not Hilton).

Coffee is wonderful.

I wear my hair natural, and I'm growing it out.

Mary J. Blige should be the queen of the world!

Frogs wig me out.

I love style.
my greatest look is learning to love this body of my own.
(I choke on this pill just about every morning, but hey at least it goes down sometimes! Glass of water anyone?).

Vintage is epic.

Music is always required
(This comes in all different types of shapes and sizes:
Amos Lee to Kanye West).

I'm hood enough to rock wit' The Boondocks, but gentle enough to wipe away my son's tears.
(If you have to ask what anything in the first part of that sentence means, you just need to leave it alone and continue reading!).

I love using exclamation points simply because i love them, and because I can!

I'm not in it for the numbers, but for the thrill.

Sometimes I spell check, sometimes I don't.
So What?!
(Its MY blog anyway...just sayin').

I think this is a good look for me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back at the Keyboard

I promise that I'm alive, and back at the keyboard.  Over the past few months (the last time I blogged was back in June) I have been through some difficult, trying, and tumultous times.  I've also had my share of great moments as well.

The lyrics to an Amos Lee song say's I've Learned a lot, and although Lee was talking about love, I can apply the lyrics to my life.  I've had significant health problems, trouble adjusting to a classroom setting (no more online education), and I've had a friendship come to an end.

At the same time I've learned how to heal, love, and trust.  I've made career decisions that positively impacted my education, I've learned acceptance, but I've also learned power, and I'm learning style.
Overall, there has been much harmony and much chaos. 

Now that the pruning is over, I'm able to pick back up somethings I've had to let go of, blogging included. 

I'm so appreciative of the fact that y'all have not given up on my blog.  I don't have all the kinks worked out yet, but I plan on blogging more regularly.  I pinky promise!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding and Renovations

Hi everyone!
It's been far too long since I last posted, but so much has been happening.
First, the wedding was amazing! 
We had such a great time and I'm very happy for my nephew and his new wife.  I love them both so much!

So what have I been up to since the wedding?
Renovating my toy/dining room.
This means taking down wallpaper.
And I hate it.
My friend/landlord was in town last week and she and I began the project, but unfortunately she had to leave so I have to finish the project.
The wallpaper is almost completely off the wall and the room will look so good once it's painted.

And I've saved the best news for last.
My health has remarkably improved.
I'm feeling like a human being again.
I no longer have to nap during the day.
No more fatigue and as you know this was my biggest complaint about Fibromyalgia. 
I can't believe the improvement I've made over the past year. 

Here are some pics from the wedding.
I hope you enjoy!
The church
The Pastor (our uncle), My nephew, and the grooms men 
The bride

The married couple
See the two young girls...I did their hair!
Go me right?!

I love this pic of the bride and groom
 The flower girl and Nehemiah

 Miah and Me

 Miah, Me, and my niece

 Mr and Mrs Peter Ayala

 My nephew and his girlfriend

Aren't these pics great?!
I love how the entire family came dressed in red, black, and white.

Happy Wednesday!


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