Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rain

This morning I woke up to this
I love the change from snow to rain.

 {although I'll admit I do love the snow in the beginning of winter}

I love the smell of rain.

It's so refreshing.

It's a reminder that spring is in the air.

This year I'm looking forward to the change in the season.

Spring cleaning renews the ordinary; it brings it back to life.

With the wipe of a cloth, something dead becomes alive again.

The sun stays around longer, and days become more enjoyable.

Just like the new year, spring is a chance to start over.

I needed a chance to start over.

Winter was long and painful.

It was gloomy and gray.

 When I went outside this morning and smelled the fresh rain, I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you Lord for spring.

Thank you for spring cleaning my heart. 

Thank you for bringing my dead heart back to life. 

Thank you for washing me clean.

Thank you for the rain.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!



  1. Girl! We woke up Monday morning to snow and now today it will be almost 70. I love the seasons changing but the unpredictability drives me crazy. WOW that might be spelled completely wrong. LOL

  2. I'm loving the rain because I know it means Spring is just around the corner


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