Monday, March 7, 2011

A Classic Case of the What-If’s

On Saturday night I was doing the usual, you know homework and checking Facebook. From time to time, I check out the selections Facebook offers on the people I may know, so on Saturday I decided to give it a look.

Oh boy, why didn't I just stick to the homework?!

There it was, in plain sight-my ex's profile picture; him and a girl.

For some unknown reason I just sat there, with my mouth hanging open, staring at the picture. And then it started happening, the classic case of the what-if's. What if this was his girlfriend? What if he lied to me and was seeing us both at the same time? What if he dumped me for her? What if he thinks she's prettier than me {clearly this is not even close to being true-I'm just sayin' J}? What if he lied about his job? These stupid questions kept coming to mind, and they plagued me for most of the night. So much so that I started to call him up and scream at him!

I wanted answers to my questions, and damn it I deserved to know the truth! All my logic was pushed aside. I was pissed off, and I needed to know who this chic was and if she was with my boyfriend ex. Luckily, logic alone wasn't enough for me to go off. I needed reinforcement. So I called one of my good friends.

And thank God for good friends who are there for you during your craziest moments. My friend understood how much seeing the picture hurt me. She understood why I was upset. She understood why I felt I deserved answered.

She understood why I needed to leave the situation as is; finished.

After I talked to my friend, I felt better and the what-if's ceased. They haven't come back and I'm glad. As my friend pointed out, calling him would have changed nothing about the situation. His mind is already made up. And so is mine. I need to move on because he apparently has. And if this chic isn't his girlfriend, it still won't change the situation.
I discovered this today, on Facebook {I know, I'm an addict}, and this makes me happy.
Stay Sweet!

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  1. Thank goodness for friends!!! I've been on the verge of killing people before but luckily friends or family can normally talk me down. Next time don't check Facebook on a Saturday night. :D


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