Monday, March 28, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning…Or Sunday Evening Actually

I had pretty good weekend, which started Friday night.  I completed all my back work for accounting, and I learned that I’m no longer failing.  I have a C right now, but I still have a few more weeks to try to improve.  Trust me, I’m not complaining as I will take a C over failing any day!  My professor has been continually emailing me, and I think this makes me more driven to succeed.  I think I did much better than I expected on my midterm, but I won’t know until later in the week.  Nehemiah and I also had game night before I started in on the hw, and we played until his little brown eyes couldn’t stay open any longer!
As I mentioned on Friday, mom and I had a retreat to go on Saturday.  I was looking forward to the retreat because I had learned so much last year.  Well…um…this year I can’t say the same.  I didn’t bring home the tiny jewels that I had hoped to add to my spiritual treasure chest {nice huh}.  Plus, later that night my tummy started bothering me and I found out my mom had tummy {can you tell I’m a mommy lol} troubles too. 
Sunday morning I did something I haven’t done since around October, I attended service at my old church.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that experience!  After church, Nehemiah and I came home and enjoyed one of our long Sunday afternoon naps. 
Ahh, there’s nothing like sweet sleep.  I just love me some Sundays!
This hasn’t always been the case.  Sundays, or even the thought of Sundays, used to make me cringe.  It was because I knew what day followed, and that meant I had to go back to the place I didn’t enjoy; work.  Now that I’m home {due to the seizures}, I love me some Sunday evenings!  Nehemiah and I go to church, come home and nap, go to my parent’s house for some yummy dinner, and then we come back home.  Home is often my favorite part of the day.  I don’t clean, I don’t worry about laundry, and I don’t worry about homework.  I make a palate on the floor, or I sit in my comfy recliner and I just read.  Nehemiah is usually fast asleep, so I get the luxury of reading late into the night. 
I sit and read for hours.  It’s during this time I usually finish my books.  It’s a nice way to end the weekend and to welcome the beginning of the week.  This time has saved my sanity.  There’s nothing like getting so involved in a book that you forget about reality. 
I’m just saying; I love me some Sunday evenings!
And by the way, can you believe that 22 people actually care about what I have to say! 
I’m lovin’ it!

Stay Sweet and Have a Great Week!!


  1. I am so glad you had a great weekend! I love your new design also! So springy!!!

  2. I wish I thought Sunday's are fabulous. I need to to learn to treasure them more!


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