Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things

I'm still not feeling well today, but I was able to take a very long and much needed nap. But...I'm still fatigued. Maybe one day (sooner than later) I will be able to feel rested. Nehemiah didn't get to bed early last night, but I figured that he would at least sleep in this morning. That didn't happen; he was up at 6:30. He also got into my bed some time during the night; tonight, the gate goes back up.

A few months ago, I did some shopping and got some amazing things, so I decided to share them.

Here are some of my favorite things:

My first favorite thing is this lamp. The picture just doesn't do the lamp justice. I have two of them in my living room, and they're great because they give off just enough light to make the room feel cozy. The lamp uses a small bulb (similar to a night light bulb), so in order to have a well-lit room, you need a lamp with a regular bulb. I'm not sure how well you can see the picture on the table, but the picture is of my best friend Mary and I. Mary lives in Georgia, and I miss her very much.

My next favorite item I recently purchased is this end table. This is the same table that houses my lamp. I have two of the end tables (I needed one for each lamp-duh), and they're perfect for my living room. The dark wood goes well the color scheme in my living room. The glass jar you see in the picture holds the sand from my trip to Hawaii that I took last May. I have a piece of Wikiki right in my living room! The little doll is from Russia, and it was a gift I received many years ago. The clock was my grandmother's.

And these are my boots, that I love so very much. I needed some stylish boots to wear with leggings, but all the boots I found had heels, something I cannot wear (thank you Fibromyalgia). I found these boots at a mall in Buffalo. The boots were normally $150, but here's the best part; they were marked down to $29.99! I got the last pair that the store had, and they just happened to be my size. I wanted to buy the boots in black too, but they were all sold out. At least I got the brown ones!

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