Friday, February 19, 2010


This morning after Nehemiah woke up; he decided to come join me in my bed. He's doing so well sleeping in his bedroom.

I'm so proud of him!


Nothing too eventful happened today, and that is just fine by me. I had minimal pain, so overall it was a good day.

Tonight, the man friend is coming over for a movie night. I guess a hint of excitement is appropriate, but what kind of pessimist would I be if I didn't second guess everything?

My online session is finished next Friday, so I will be busy this weekend finalizing my research paper. I will also be putting away tons and tons of laundry. At least it's all clean and folded.

On a good great note, I have lost more weight. I purchased a cheapy belt last weekend, and when I put it on for the first time this morning, it was too big! I love that I'm losing weight, but I just went shopping last month for smaller clothes, and now they're too big! I guess that means more shopping. I'm so heartbroken.

I want to start exercising again, but I have to be extremely cautious because of the Fibro. If anyone has any recommendations on great Pilates or Yoga dvd's, please let me know. I wanted to start running this summer (I actually wanted to start last summer), but as of right now, my legs can't take it. Maybe once the Fibro gets more under control; my legs won't bother me so much. A girl can hope.

Apparently, more people are reading my blog; they just haven't become a follower yet (hint hint).

Happy Friday!

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