Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Confessions of a Worryaholic

This morning I'm not feeling my best. I'm very tired, but that's not the problem. My dad is in Atlanta having heart surgery, and I'm here in NY; not by dad's side. Dad is not alone at the hospital, and I spoke with him a little bit ago. He sounded like his normal self, which could be a front; he knows I worry. Dad got to talk to Nehemiah this morning, and this made the both of them very happy. The joy I saw on Nehemiah's face eased my worry just a little. I like to be in control over situations (which of course rarely happens), and I sorta freak out a tad when I feel as though the situation has occurred without my permission. Most situations happen without my permission, so you would think I would have adapted by now. It would mean that I wouldn't drive myself nuts by worrying so much. This is where my fellow believers would tell me to stop and remember one important thing; God is in control. However, in situations like this, I have to say that the idea of God being in control doesn't always comfort me, but that's another post. I truly believe in the power of prayer, and Lord knows I have sent up my fair share of prayers for my dad. If need be, mom and I will be flying to Atlanta later on today (I'm praying there are no "need be's"). As soon as I know more, I will post an update.

As I mentioned, I'm tired. I didn't sleep well; probably because I was freaking out about my dad. Nehemiah woke up twice, but for the most part he was okay. I will not turn on the nightlight for him anymore; he sleeps through the night without it. My legs are hurting more than usual too. The biggest culprit for a flare up is stress. Guess what; I'm stressed. I know I need to relax, but I will not be able to function as a normal human being until my brother calls to tell me all is well with dad. On the upside of things, I ate very well yesterday. I can honestly say that I do feel better when I give my body what it needs. However, I'm still learning what it needs. I have learned that I need lots of green veggies. Nehemiah loves veggies and I do too, so I can deal with eating more.

I have been blogging for almost a year, but I haven't really taken it too seriously until I got diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia. My blog is my way of communicating to my family and friends (although some of them still have not become followersJ). It's sometimes difficult to communicate with those I love because I'm usually exhausted when I get home. I follow some amazing blogs, and my hope is that one day, I will too have an awesome blog. I want to end this post with a "Thank You" to my lovely friend Gwen; the author of Confessions of a control freak. I love ya girl! Check out Gwen's blog, you'll love it!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Trying to see if I fixed the problem-my fingers are crossed!

  2. So far the comments seem to be fixed!!!

    Sending prayers out all day for you all. Please know that your Dad is in great hands!!!

    Love ya back girl!!! XOXO

  3. Praying for your dad today!! He rests in the best of hands!

  4. I'll say a prayer for your father! I am a major worrier just like yourself... even for the littlest things, and it's losing the control that makes it all the more difficult!

    Good luck getting some sleep, stress tends to destroy everything!

    I love your blog it's super cute, glad I fell across it!


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