Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

It's my first post after the A-Z challenge
and I'm so proud of myself that I made it.
I mentioned on Saturday that I'm trying out a blog schedule, so today is Miscellaneous Monday.
I have a lot to share so bare with me.

Friday Night
 I did my usual routine, watching tv and reading.
Remember when I posted here that I had all those magazines to read?
Well I attempted to plow through my pile, and the first magazine I read was

This was a great read!
Seeing it was so wonderful I decided to share some stuff I learned.

1.) Eating deviled eggs is the answer to breaking strands
2.) corkscrews make ravishing curls
3.) applying gelatine makes hair folicles stronger
4.) applying cranberry juice to red hair replenishes the color
5.) applying crushed ibuprofen to the scalp gets rid of dandruff
6.) Palmolive dish soap removes buildup (you have to extra condition after using it)
7.) If you condition first and then shampoo, you'll reduce dryness
*before doing any of the above, read the magazine first to get the full details*

Here are some facts I learned:
1.) in the 20's African Americans used pure lye to straighten their hair
2.) in the 60's ladies used household appliances (such as irons) to straighten their hair
3.) 90's hair is definately back in
4.) 450 degrees fahrenheit is the highest temperature that hair heat tools can reach
(wow, right)
5.) hair products can break out your forehead

Saturday Night
My mom and dad took Nehemiah over night so me and the bestie decided to have a girl's night out.
I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything I would later have to repent for,
so we decided to try out a comedy club or a sports bar.
Well...apparently we don't have many comedy clubs within our radius,
so that idea was out.
We decided to get cute and try out the sports bars we found online.
Every place we attempted to try out was a bust.
After driving all over the place we decided it was time to come back home.
On the way home I made a discovery,
I have no identity outside of motherhood.

My bestie felt the same way.
When it comes to planning activities for our kids we have no issues finding things to do.
When we have a night away from our kids, we don't know what to do.
I missed Nehemiah, and my bestie missed her daughter.
Maybe we have these issues because we're single mothers.

So this poses the question,
How do I establish an identity that doesn't revolve around
runny noses, preschool, playdates, toys, and pillow pets???
I'm not saying I don't enjoy motherhood, I love being a mommy.
I just need to know how to start living a little bit of my life for me.
Does anyone understand?



  1. Yea growing up my mom told me how she knew people when she was younger that straightened their hair with an iron.

  2. I can't say that I understand, seeing as though I don't have kids myself. And I was raised in a 2-parent home. My parents now have 6 foster-kids that they're thinking of adopting, so I know things get hectic for them. The original kids (my brother, sister, and I) usually help them out by watching the kids while they take time for themselves.

    And I remember sitting in front of the stove while my mom pressed my hair with a hot comb. My hair is thick and back then, it was quite long, so it took forever.

  3. I never knew that conditioning before you shampoo actually helps. I always thought it would be the other way around, because I figured the conditioner would replenish it. These are definitely little, handy tricks that I'm going to have to keep in mind. And obviously I'm going to have to buy the magazine to get the full read!


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