Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

{like the new pic?}
I was thinking about my life and everything I've been through
in the last year,
and although so many things are difficult at the moment,
I still love being a woman!
We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.
We love like there is no tomorrow.
We take care of others before taking care of ourselves.
We buy way too many handbags and pairs of shoes.
And we get to wear really cute clothes!

One thing I miss most about the A-Z Challenge are the lovely pictures I had to find, and the creativity it took to tie it all in. 
Seeing that my What I'm Loving Wednesday posts were so similar to Thankful Thursday posts,
I decided to switch it up a bit. 
I have a new found interest in vintage {hence the picture above}, so I will be displaying what I'm thankful for in terms of vintage photos. 
Now I get to be creative again. 
Should be fun right?!   
Let me know what you think.


Fancy Dinner

Boardwalk Betty

Ne-on Trend

Seer-Sucker for Sun

Safari in the Future

Doing the Two-Step

Sunny in Style

Predict the Fuchsia

Magnificent Magnolia

Indigo Peacock Feather Tights

Owl in a Row


Aren't you glad to be a woman?!



  1. I LOVE being a woman. Cute pics!

  2. OOoooo, love those dresses! Gorgeous!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The dresses are fabulous! My favorite it the safari one. Unfortunately, I don't look good in mustard yellow, so vintage and I have a love/hate relationship! Where did you find these gems?


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