Monday, May 23, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Hi there everyone!  Remember me?
I know, it's been a very long time since my last post,
but as you can see I under went a little renovation and I'm well pleased.
This is the look I've been going for, and I finally got it.

I also decided to take a week off because I had to get used to some new adjustments.
One adjustment is not meant to be shared {no, I'm not pregnant for anything like that lol},
while the other is.
I'm proud to announce that Nehemiah is back sleeping in his room!
It took us a few tries and lots of tears on his part, but we survived it.
We're both sleeping wonderfully in our own bedrooms.

My home also got some attention last week. 
All my laundry finally got put away, and I can once again see my bedroom floor.
I should have taken before and after pics, but it was way too embarassing!

Happy Monday!



  1. Nice new look! Happy Monday to you!

  2. This is a very nice blog! I never saw the old one, but this one is so modern and chic. Of course, this coming from a person who is 200 years old and thinks everything with technology is amazing;-) Our babies crept into our bed all the time when they were little, until, like you, I had to draw the line and make them stay in their beds. Blessings!


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