Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Picks for Target Tuesday

It's Tuesday and you know what that means

{thanks Tara for making a button!}

And let's not forget that Tuesday also means
 Glee comes on tonight, but that's besides the point.

Back to Target Tuesday,
I couldn't find any particular item I wanted to feature so I have a mash up
of stuff. 

Here's what I'm loving at Target this week.

I really think I need this bag
My 14-year-old niece said these were "disgusting"
but I really like them, what does she know?!

I adore these sandals

My niece also said these were gross, but I like 'em

This would look so cute in my hair

I like the purse, but I would prefer it in a different color
These are amazing

This would be so pretty on my front door, which is now bare seeing Easter is over

Dolce Lounge Chair - Zebra Print
My bedroom will not be complete until this is in it!

Which items are your favorite?
Don't forget to visit Tara to see who else linked up.



  1. Love the gray bag and black sandals!

  2. I didn't like "boat shoes" until I Was older, they are too cute! She will love them eventually, lol.

  3. I need that chair! So so pretty! The flats and the SATC bag are so cute!


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