Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap


1.) Went to a new consignment shop, which happens to be just a few blocks away from my house. It's a bit small, but is filled with lots of nostalgia. I discovered an awesome ring for $5.00!

2.) Finished disc 1 for Gossip Girl season 1 (disc 2 should be here Tuesday). So glad Serena and Blair are friends. Hope they stay that sure not to ruin it for me by giving it away!


1.) Worked at the 4H Fair for a few hours. Learned a lot about emergency preparedness. Hope everyone has an emergency kit at home and in the car! It's super important, especially if you have children or animals.

2.) Went to Lisa's for dinner.

Had great Riesling White wine and enjoyed some steak.

3.) Got the chance to watch Legally Blonde while Nehemiah played with Raheem, Jake and Claire.

4.)Finally got to talk to Nicole, who is now officially my Georgia Peach. Although she's only been gone a week, it feels much longer.

5.) Received the long awaited notice regarding my loans. This means that I will finally find out what type of Financial Aid package I will be receiving. I was getting a bit anxious because school starts in a month.


1.) Went to church. Nehemiah brought his drum with him and had a great time playing it during worship! He especially loved playing while I sang with the choir.

2.) I woke up not feeling too great, so Nehemiah and I napped together after church.

2.) Read some more of ...

It's such a great book (thanks for recommending it Nic). I'm hoping to finish it this week.

Not a lot of excitement over the weekend, but that was more than welcomed. It was nice to have the chance to rest; this coming up weekend we will be driving to Ohio for a family reunion.

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