Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Good Book and Weekend

I finished reading The Poisonwood Bible and I have a whole new opinion on Africa! For those who enjoy an amazing read, I highly recommend this book. I was so wrapped up in the plot that I totally forgot that the characters were fictional! Now that's what I call a good book. I have 4 other books that I want to read, so I haven't decided yet which one will be next. All I know is that I'm going to have to buy another bookshelf when I move. Between my books and Miah's, we are filling up fast!
Tomorrow my mom and I are getting pedi's and doing a bit of shopping, which means I have the day off! Unfortunately, I have to go the OB/GYN in the morning, but that's part...a very unfair part- of womanhood I suppose. Next month is my one year celebration of hearing that I am cancer free. No Breast Cancer for me! I am a little freaked about my visit tomorrow, but so far all has been well, so I'm sure I will be just fine.

We are leaving for Ohio at the crack of dawn on Saturday, and I'm the driver (good thing for a borrowed GPS). We have a family reunion, which I'm so excited about! I haven't seen my mother's side of the family since my Grammy passed away in 2006. I am feeling a bit anxious about traveling 5 hours in the truck with a toddler!
Nehemiah is extremely excited about going on "baycation." Being the mom that I am, I know I'm going to overpack, but I guess it's better to have too much of something than not enough ie: clothes, pull-ups, toys, books.
I can't wait to post pics of our trip when we get back. Maybe one of my cousins will introduce me to a hot stud and I will be swept off my feet. A girl can hope right!


  1. I have another good book for you. when I come up for air, I will mail it to you.

  2. Hope you have fun getting pedi's! I need one soon. I should read that book - I've heard it's good! xoxo

  3. hey girl. it's jen ramos here. love all the new things you did on your blog. enjoy reading too. hope we can get to talk soon!


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