Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes You Have to Cry

I got the results from my x-rays and my bones are ok. The doctor thinks I have damaged my left leg sciatica. I started physical therapy last Thursday and I went again this morning. I also have to walk with a cain. My therapist recommended that I go for a MRI because the pain is spreading and it's not getting better, so she thinks I could have a slipped disk in my back. With that said, I cannot return to work this week and I still cannot drive. I see my doctor again on Thursday.

Last night I was in so much pain that I couldn't do anything but cry. I'm easily aggitated by everything, and yesterday I woke up with a serious case of post nasal drip that has not let up. I have been in tears a lot during the past few weeks and I still don't feel any better.

Since my parents and Miah's dad have been helping out so much with my parenting responsibilities, I'm starting to think that I'm not as good of a mom as I ought to be. I can't go out and play and I'm not supposed to be picking him up. I can't even hold him that long because I can't tolerate his weight on my leg. what kind of mom gets hurt and doesn't even know how it happened!

Miah has been throwing horrible tantrums and he even kicked me a few times. I'm convinced that my kid hates me! I think he's angry because everyone but me has been taking him to the park and outside to play. I can't even take or pick him up from school. There was a carnival over the weekend and my mom took him, which was great, but he told me that he was sad that I couldn't come. I totally feel like a slacker. Keep praying for me because I'm feeling defeated in many areas of my life right now

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  1. Like everything in life, this too shall pass. I am not minimizing it, because you are putting up with a lot. But, hopefully soon, you will heal.

    Take the peace of the day for what it is worth. Breathe. And know that I love you.


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