Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I've Learned Round 2

Here is what I learned...again.
10.) Taking Benadryl helps take away the head exploding feeling.
9.) Your luggage will weigh more at the end of the trip than it did in the beginning.
8.) Flying in lounging clothes is so much better.
7.) Jetlag does go away.
6.) Female pilots rock!
5.) Being in an isle seat is not neccessarily a good thing.
4.) Definately check the monitors at the airport for gate departures (apparently they change often).
3.) Little old men share awesome stories.
2.) I am most certain the woman sitting behind me on the opposite side of the plane had Swine Flu...okay maybe it was just a cold, but thank God for all the handy wipes I brought with me!
1.) You may see someone famous at the airport...I saw Kanye West! We were going through security at the same time. TV really does alter your apparence!

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