Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Things I've Learned

While traveling to Hawaii I learned some very interesting things, here they are...
10.) Don't wear jeans on a 12 hr flight!
9.) Your head feels like it's going to explode on take off.
8.) You need to drink water, which consequently makes you pee and people get pissed when
you keep climbing over them!
7.) Never buy airport food, you'll go broke before you get to your destination!
6.) People don't follow the no cell phone rule until an attendant yells at them to turn them off!
5.) Talk to people, they have intersting stories (I made two friends, one of whom I will fly back
to Detroit with).
4.) Belts and watches will not pass through security.
3.) Gay flight attendants are frickin' awesome!
I don't want to pass on judgement on LA, but here goes...
2.) the airport looks like a mall and everyone seems to be over dressed
1.) There is definately tension between NY girls and LA girls! NY girls are classified
as true friends while LA girls are only friends with people who can do something
for them. I was also told that Californians are materialistic snobs!
I can't prove if this theory is true regarding Californians because I only know one and she doesn't fit the profile, but once you start talking about New York and California people offer their opinions and don't shut up!

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  1. This post cracks me up. I forget that you had never flown before.

    LAX is a giant airport. Wait till you see Atlanta.

    I try to drink and eat very little when I fly. Granted, you had a lot of flying to do.


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