Monday, May 18, 2009

What I've Done So Far

1.) Tuesday 5/12: Arrived, went to dinner at Bravo in Pearl Ridge.
2.) Wednesday 5/13: Went to Schofield Army Post, Dole Plantation, and North Shore beach where I saw Sea Turtles.
3.) Thursday 5/14: Chilled out at "home," watched Lakeview Terrace (good movie!).
4.) Friday 5/15: Went to Ko'olina beach and saw a seal in the water! Then we went to dinner at the Dixie Grill and I had a mai Tai!
5.) Saturday 5/16: Celebrated Bailee's un-birthday at the bowling alley in Schofield. Met some of our Heros and their wives. Went to dinner at Haiwa Joes then walked along the shore and looked at the boats. Got home and watched Sam's Lake (I'd give this one only 1 star, it sucked!)
6.) Sunday 5/17: Went to the Pancake House for breakfast then went to the Swap Meet. This was the coolest place ever! I got a ton of things to bring back home. Then we did the hike at Manouah Falls. Went to Bubba Gumps (Forrest Gump's restaurant) at the outdoor mall and had a Blue Hawaiian.
7.) Monday 5/18: Going to a Lulua tonight! Yeah Baby.


  1. Welcome home. I hope the trip was all you needed for your soul.

  2. Hey Sina, It's Jen Ramos. Just saying thank you for tonight's talk. I really needed that. I am back and not holding back. I am going to find the right information and the right person to help me out. I will update you as soon as I can. Talk to you tomorrow! Love you!


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