Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Ponder

And this is where I am today.

Full of questions.

Does it ever feel like you woke up one morning and BOOM, you're an adult?

When did I become that girl who goes to bed at 9 pm every night and gets up at 7 am (6:30 on a good day) even on weekends? And how did sleeping until 8 am qualify as sleeping in? What happened to the days of staying up all night and sleeping until noon the next day?

When did I become the girl who has to watch what she eats? Long are the days of pizza, chicken wings, and burgers everyday for lunch.

When did I become the girl who plans everything out? From shopping lists to my daily schedule. When did "go with the flow" retire?

When did I become the girl whose thighs are so close together they can call each other by name? What happened to the thighs that once lived miles apart from one another?

What happened to the boobs ladies and gentlemen? No amount of gravity can keep these babies where they need to be. Whatever did I do to deserve this punishment? I didn't even nurse for goodness sake!

What happened to time? There is no such thing as free time anymore. If someone finds it hiding, please tell it to make a stop by my home!

And last, but not least; what the frick happened to dating? Once upon a time, this girl was never single. In fact, I was fighting men off. I would have a boyfriend, but have a backup list of guys who I could date at anytime, and no, I was not promiscuous.

Oh where, oh where have these things gone? Oh where, oh where could they be? More important, can I ever get them back. Especially the mile apart thighs! Come on, haven't I suffered enough!!!

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