Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Thursday ya'll.
I know I usually bring you my list of thanks via vintage style,
but today I have somethings I need to share with all of you.
Remember yesterday I mentioned I had a doctor's appointment regarding my thyroid?
I'm on a new medication and hopefully this will help balance out the Fibromyalgia and the fatigue {which is on overload this morning}.

And then my doctor gave me the kicker.

My weight.

I am now on a very restricted diet, and I can only have 1500 calories a day.
This is going to be a challenge, and that's where you all come in.
I know many of you eat healthy and have ideas for great tasting food, so I need you to share these secrets with me.

I've been having a terrible time with my weight fluctuations, and I'm now heavier than I was when I delivered Nehemiah.  This is sad and upseting. 
However, there's something I can do.
This is where you all come in again.

I need an accountability partner.  I need someone to check in on my daily progress.  You know, to say
"Thomasina, did you work out for an hour today?" 
{yes, I have to workout at least an hour five days a week}
I don't have the extra money to join a gym at the moment, so I have to sweat in my home for the time being.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about loving yourself the way you are.  And honestly, I'm having a very difficult time loving all of me right now.  I hate the extra weight, and it's the reason I'm not putting myself out there in the dating world.  I'm not comfortable with me so how I can expect someone else to be.

How much weight do I have to lose you ask. 
60 pounds!
A lot of weight isn't it?  It's scary and I'm afraid of embarking on this journey alone. 
So please help me!

Who's willing to be my accountability partner?? 



  1. You can succeed at this challenge. I will be there for you.

  2. I am wishing you all the luck! I believe you can do it!! Keep your chin up!! :)

  3. Girl, you can do this!! I have recently changed the way that I eat and have started working out regularly!! This first few weeks will be tough, but it will get easier! Things that I have learned to love: No sugar in my coffee (I use Truvia and sugar free creamer), Coke Zero, baked chicken, steamed veggies, and lean ground beef (93-7). It is all about making better choices!! I am here if you need me!! Email at thoughtsfromtiffani (at) hotmail (dot) com :)

  4. Will you be blogging about your weight loss? I'm up for reading it! You know I write about sweatin' it out... but diet is the hardest part for me! [If you're looking for somewhere else to write about weight loss, the blogging platform Tumblr has an awesome health & fitness community.]

  5. I'll be there for ya!!! I have to lose about 100 myself. Its not easy. BUT, you can do it.

    Email me @

    and I will email you daily if you'd like....


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