Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Weekend

My weekend started on Friday and ended on Saturday for this week. This is because I woke up Friday and couldn't get out of bed. It looked like someone kicked me in both knees and stepped on my feet while they were at! I had the most horrible pain in my back, so bad that my mom didn't want to leave me alone! I'm blessed to say that the swelling is down and the pain is gone, so I'm working today to make up the missed day on Friday.

Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. In the morning Nehemiah had to go for his flu shot. He was a bit freaked out about getting a poke, but it did help that Raheem (my nephew) had to get one too. Nehemiah really started to freak out when I had to break the news to him that our regular nurse was no longer there (I found this news out when I was signing Miah in). However, our other trusty nurse was there, so all was good. The boys did awesome with the shots! No tears or screams. The nurse said she had experienced her fair share of freak outs when giving shots. For example, an 11 year old kicked a hole in the wall and had to have 2 people calm him down. Two thumbs up for my boys being soldiers!!!

In the afternoon I had to go to the mall in Rochester to find shoes. I can only wear shoes that have rubber soles or it throws my alignment off, which throws off my balance, which results in swollen knees and bad back pain. I wasn't sure how this trip was going to go seeing that Miah had just gotten a shot, but he was fine. My 7 year old niece spent the weekend with us, so he was happy to have someone in the back seat with him. Not to mention that my 15 and 18 year old nephews joined us (can you tell that my nieces and nephews love their aunt).

After going into about 4 stores and trying on countless pairs of shoes, I was frustrated that I could not find one pair of shoes that didn't hurt my feet. I decided to try one more store before heading back home. We went into Lands End and I found a cute pair of shoes with rubber soles that didn't hurt my feet and didn't look like old lady shoes! I'm quite happy with my purchase, not to mention how well behaved Nehemiah was in each store (maybe the french fries I got from the food court helped!)

Last night we went over to Lisa's for our usual Saturday night dinner. The kids were all playing when all of a sudden Nehemiah started screaming at the top of his lungs. I went to see what happened and it turned out that his finger got pinched in the door. It took a good 10 minutes to calm him down and to get ice on the finger. He was able to move his fingers and the swelling went down with the ice. He does have a blood blister on his nail bed that freaks him out whenever he looks at it. My poor little guy.

So this is the conclusion of my weekend. Oh, I did find Nehemiah a doctor costume for Halloween. He can't wait to go to the Big Top party at his school on Saturday. Also, I received the results from Miah's evaluation and the greatest news, his behavior is normal for a 2 year old! He does qualify for speech and will be starting next week.

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